Code Diversity – Decode your tech career!

GWiT launches an yearly 3 week-program aiming to provide Ist year women students in STEM with access to hands-on knowledge from top-notch professionals working for the most innovative tech companies in Romania, while empowering them to find meaningful stories for their own career development.

Code Diversity is designed to:

  • Bring together STEM companies with students from technical universities by providing first hand inspiration about the technical jobs, thus laying a strong foundation for the next generation of professionals
  • Encourage women to choose a career in tech by enabling the access to top-tier professionals in the field
  • Facilitate the development of the future generation of women in technology by fostering an inclusive work & entrepreneurial environment

The program agenda

If you are selected among the 15 finalists, you will benefit from:
  • workshops & presentations tackling fresh subjects like: company culture & programs technologies, leadership, innovation, employment etc.
  • Access to each company’s technology
  • the GWiT mentoring program for 1 year

The program takes place in 6 different cutting-edge tech companies, in Bucharest. You can have access at the GWiT mentorship program, after the three- week period, thus you’ll be be paired with one woman leader from the industry to mentor you for 1 year.

The selection process

If you are a young lady, in your first year of study in a STEM University from Bucharest send your CV to [email protected] by 7 of September 2018. Share with us your passions, academic achievements and volunteering activities.
If you have questions or you need additional information, please let us know at [email protected]