Enhance girls' and women's educational development through customized programs that answer their professional goals in a STEM-related field.


Provide personalized guidance meant to support women in STEM in maximizing their potential, developing their skills and improving their professional performance.


Engage women with the national and international business environment through programs and events meant to facilitate STEM global networking.


Global Women in Tech (GWiT) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2017 under OUG Nr. 26/2000, that promotes diversity and facilitates sustainable economic growth through international partnerships with organizations, companies and universities meant to bring in innovative programs aimed at enhancing the educational and professional development of women in STEM in Romania.
We are ‘global’ as we facilitate the international business exchange between Romania and other countries through the programs, networking and business opportunities we bring in.

Our Mission is to connect women with the STEM industry. We inspire and support the educational and professional development of women in Romania from classroom to boardroom, by facilitating their access to international knowledge, programs, mentoring, networking and career opportunities.


Code Diversity

Code Diversity aims at drawing together the companies in STEM with students from the technical universities under a joint summer school program so as to help the latter develop a career in tech. The best students will be selected and exposed to cutting edge workshops delivered by the companies, as well as to diverse business environments. The training is followed by a long term career orientation mentoring.


The scope of the program is to provide women in Romania with the inspiration, resources and support network necessary to start and successfully consolidate companies in tech. We aim at bringing in international know-how specific to the startup development, in close collaboration with companies and organizations abroad and contribute, thus, to the growth of sustainable and innovative startups.

Digital Leadership

The Digital Leadership suite encompasses a series of technical programs meant to generate awareness on digital trends and soft skills programs. Through this array of programs we will bring together exceptional young women with experts from global leading companies in technology. The enriched knowledge and skills will play a major role in women's professional development.

International Research

The international research program is meant to facilitate networking and collaboration between graduate and undergraduate female university students with scientists in STEM at global level, through projects, webinars and mentoring. Through this program women will hone research skills and drive innovation through research development in STEM.


The international program brings together highly experienced and skilled mentors activating within STEM with mentees, based on major interests, goals and industry. Every mentee is provided with a pathway that will help her pursue a career in STEM, grow and excel within that direction. The programs are tailored to every person's needs and requests, progress monitored and results measured.


President & Founder - Global Women in Tech

Simona Șandru
Pentalog Software Factory

    Board of Executives

    Our Executive Board counts savvy, proactive and dynamic women with studies or work experience within the STEM-related industries, that strongly contribute to the GWiT's growth and success. Their role is to define and implement the marketing strategies, as well as the programs that represent the core of our activity at national and international level.

  • Marketing
    Head of Marketing

    Steliana Moraru OTP Leasing
  • Marketing
    Head of Programs

    Georgiana Levinta Spotify
  • Marketing
    Content Manager

    Floriana Scanteie Pentalog
  • Marketing
    Social Media Manager

    Georgiana Bodas Google
  • Marketing
    Events Manager

    Ilinca Vasilescu Microsoft
  • Marketing
    Branding Associate

    Roxana Popescu-Anghel European Investment Bank
  • Membership
    Partnerships Associate

    Daniela Alexe Oracle
  • Marketing
    Marketing Associate

    Raluca Dragnea Bitdefender
  • StartItup
    Program Associate

    Stefana Trif Yokogawa
  • StartITup
    Program Manager

    Cristiana Dutca KYC-Chain
  • International Research
    Program Manager

    Aurora Simionescu Japan Aerospace Agency
  • International Research
    Academic Associate

    Elena Diana Șandru Infineon Technologies
  • Mentoring Program
    Program Manager

    Cristina Babonea eMAG
  • Mentoring Program
    Program Associate

    Mihaela Moisa Future WorkForce
  • IoanaNeamtu

    Mentoring Program
    Program Associate

    Ioana Neamtu FotoNation

Board of Strategic Advisors

Our Advisory Board brings together renowned leaders from the international and national STEM business environment, with expertise in technology, entrepreneurship and leadership. They stand out as role models in STEM through their extensive experience and professional achievements and play a decisive role in setting GWiT's growth direction.

GWiT - Strategic Advisor

Valentina Ion Microsoft

GWiT - Strategic Advisor

Cleo Cabuz Honeywell

GWiT - Strategic Advisor

Mihaela Apostoleanu Microsoft

GWiT - Strategic Advisor

Anne Mette Hoyer CGI

GWiT - Strategic Advisor

Ioana Cozmuta NASA

GWiT - Strategic Advisor

Oana Stoica Bosch Germany

GWiT - Strategic Advisor

Ana Radosevic Ormuco
Doina Popa

GWiT - Strategic Advisor

Doina Popa InnoTrue

GWiT - Strategic Advisor

Catalina Dodu Atos Solutions and Services

GWiT - Strategic Advisor

Ann Kaiser ProjectEngin LLC

GWiT - Strategic Advisor

Livia Freudl Siemens WLL

GWiT - Strategic Advisor

Monica Jiman Pentalog Software Factory

GWiT - Strategic Advisor

Nancy Nemes #humanAIze

GWiT - Strategic Advisor

Benjamin Ruschin We Are Developers


GWiT is officially launched on the 10th of October 2017!

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