Who we are

Global Women in Tech (GWiT) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2017 under OUG Nr. 262000, that promotes diversity and facilitates sustainable economic growth through international partnerships with organizations, companies and universities meant to bring in innovative programs aimed at enhancing the educational and professional development of women in STEM worldwide. We are ‘global’ as we facilitate the international business exchange between Romania and other countries through the programs, networking and business opportunities we bring in.


Our Mission is to connect women with the STEM industry. We inspire and support the educational and professional development of women in Romania from classroom to boardroom, by facilitating their access to international knowledge, programs, mentoring, networking and career opportunities.

Core Values

  • DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION - We believe that a diverse and inclusive tech industry is essential for driving innovation and creativity.
  • CREATIVITY & INNOVATION - We value creativity and innovation and believe that these qualities are essential for driving progress and solving complex problems.
  • COLLABORATION & INTEGRITY - We believe that global collaboration is key to driving progress and achieving our goals and we hold ourselves to high ethical standards.
  • EMPOWERMENT - We aim to empower women in tech by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.