Global Women in Tech StartITup is an innovative 2-month advising program designed to support early stage female founded startups make a step forward in business. The program facilitates connections between startup female founders and worldwide industry Advisors.


The program aims at providing entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge, resources and guidance to bring their business to the next level.


Have you launched your startup but you still face a lot of challenges? Join the program and once selected you will enter a discovery phase meant to identify your needs.

Connect and grow

Once your specific startup needs are identified, we will match you with the best-fitted and experienced Advisors that will guide you through your company’s growth journey. In this phase, you will work together with your Advisors to put in place the best plan to develop your startup, through a series OKRs meant to measure your company’s development.


Each startup's progress will be monitored and results analyzed at end of the program. All startups in the program will have the chance to pitch for BCR-InnovX Accelerator.


The StartITup program stands out through access to advisory sessions provided by tech experts from all over the world. Each Advisor was selected according to a set of well-defined standards, just as the startups are. The discovery phase will mark the start of the program and it is meant to reveal each startup's needs to be addressed to together with the Advisors.

Each tech startup will have two Advisors allocated for 2 months, OKRs will be defined at the beginning of the journey, tracked and analyzed.

Our international panel of Advisors will provide the founders with the necessary knowledge and resources, advise on the next business steps and will open doors to new growth opportunities.

Upon completion of the program, the startups with the best progress will benefit from the opportunity to enter into the BCR’s InnovX Accelerator and continue their growth path.

Moreover, a series of workshops on topics of interest for a tech startup will be set up in partnership with international partners and organizations.

Program modules

of business owners say that having an Advisor was key to their success


StartITup connects startups with business owners, facilitates access to the resources they need to succeed and offers continuity through BCR-InnovX Accelerator.

International Advisors

Get guidance and support from our panel of experienced advisors.

Startup knowledge

Learn the basics of startup mechanics, finance and operations, product development and more.

Access to GWiT Network

Get access to our top network of partners to help fuel your startups' growth.

Continuity and Growth

Bring your startup to the next level through BCR-InnovX Accelerator.
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Our Global Advisors are women with more than 5 years’ experience in tech entrepreneurship.

Georgina Lupu-Florian

Entrepreneur, Business Angel
Founder and CEO of Wolfpack Digital

Georgina Lupu Florian is the founder and CEO of Wolfpack Digital, a full-service web and mobile app development company based in Cluj, with a team of 50+. She is part of the Board of Directors of the Transilvania IT Cluster, and is one of the co-founders of the Women in Tech Cluj community. As someone with a multidisciplinary background (in engineering, psychology, management and creative industries), Georgina has personally worked with more than 40 startup founders from Europe and North America from the transportation, IoT, health and fin-tech sectors. She is the founder of Pamble, a HealthTech startup providing digital treatment for gambling addiction. Pamble has recently won an accelerator competition out of 200 teams from 50 countries.

Elena Unciuleanu

Entrepreneur, Business Angel
Founder and CEO of TechVentures.ro

Elena spent more than 10 years building Reporting Systems for more than 20 Banks. She is the founder & CEO of the company Reporting Center where she creates reporting software solutions for the European banking market.
In 2018, Elena founded the incubator TechVentures.ro, after a life-changing experience in the USA. Now, she is determined to enable the local Tech Startup Ecosystem rise by sharing her insight headlined as {Learn the American Way}. Elena is a member of the Board of Directors for Tech Ventures Capital, a VC fund interested to invest in early stage disrupting tech companies. She is constantly scouting for tech talents, being present as a jury in various tech competitions, where each year offers several innovation awards.

Catalina Banuleasa

Experience Design, Service Design
Design Thinking

Catalina has an extensive experience in Design, Experience Design, User Experience, Service Design, Design Thinking, call is as you want, it’s still design language - solving problems with the design mindset and methodology. She led the creation of digital experiences in companies such as, ING Bank, Vodafone and Electronic Arts, where from 2017 to 2019, she lead the Romanian UX team for the world’s football game, FIFA.
She left the corporate world to dedicate her full time as an entrepreneur, growing Design Thinking Society, a company she co-founded in 2017, a boutique consultancy agency that offers consultancy and hands-on design and innovation projects to companies that realize they need to change.
Catalina is also a technology design led speaker, UX trainer, mentor and advocate of design thinking approach. She is a certified Google Design Sprint master and Google Developer UX expert and invests effort and time in developing and supporting the tech communities.

Bogdana Butnar

Experience & Digital Strategy Director
Accenture Interactive

Bogdana is a digital marketing consultant with over 20 years of experience in the field. Bogdana started her career in Bucharest, first working for Headvertising, a boutique creative agency and later for the country’s most awarded network agency, McCann, where she served as Head of Strategy. She helped set up McCann’s digital offering, which went on to win Coca-Cola’s CEE account and bring home numerous awards. Bogdana subsequently spent 4 years working for Google both in Bucharest and London and then as Head of Strategy for Poke London (today Publicis/Poke). Today, Bogdana is a Senior Manager/ Experience Strategy working for Accenture Interactive in London.
Bogdana’s expertise lies mainly in telecoms and service brands but her earlier work with brands such as Heineken and Cadbury has solidified her grasp of FMCGs in the digital space. Bogdana is actively involved in campaigning for the smarter use of the Internet and has an inherent fear of creative award festivals. Even in 2020, she still hangs on to her belief that the Internet will save the world.

Raluca Resmerita

Global Innovation - Partnerships - Tech

Having a strong sales DNA, Raluca is currently leading the sales efforts at DRUID as Sales Director. Focusing on establishing a healthy ecosystem of clients throughout all industries, while also engaging the growing network of partners, she led her team to expand DRUID's client base to over 50 enterprise companies in just 6 months. Raluca is passionate about technology, being involved in several NGOs where she supports student-business collaboration projects and Tech initiatives.

Alexandra Petruș

Co-Founder of Bucharest AI

Alexandra is a Product Strategist and Builder with a mission to help shape our tomorrow through a multidisciplinary use of deep tech technologies at scale. She drives and builds innovative products and strategies alongside deep tech developer teams and initiatives. Advisor to companies and government officials on topics of innovation and strategic transformation. Building and contributing to AI communities, as well as Podcast Host of an Applied AI Pod show. And a proud mother of two.

Andra Stanciu

Founder and CEO of Global Innovation Consortium

Andra Roxana Stanciu believes in equal access to knowledge and technology. She is working continuously on enabling human-centered innovation through technology and knowledge transfer at a global scale.
After working for 10 years as a full-stack software developer in HealthTech and GovTech, Andra founded in 2017 the Global Innovation Consortium - a platform for enabling human centered innovation through technology and knowledge transfer. She is the co-founder of Reelwurld - a social film-making platform, founder and Executive Director of Europe Future Summit. She is actively advising startups from emerging industries and frontier markets.

Veronica Stefan

Founder and CEO of Digital Citizens Romania

Veronica is the founder of the first Romanian digital Think-Tank – Digital Citizens – connecting Romanian digital innovators & everyday digital citizens with European and Transatlantic opportunities and debates.
She is a professional with more than 14 years experience, working in both national and international contexts, in areas related to digital transformation, innovation, education and multi-stakeholder cooperation. Veronica has a strong leadership background, leading organisations and initiatives in sectors traditionally dominated by men. A reason for which she invests energy and resources to empower women and young people.

Monika Tomecka

Founder and CEO of UFraction8 PL

Dr. Monika Tomecka is a Founder and Director of biotech engineering company called uFraction8, which developed novel filtration systems for bio-producers.
Previous startup experience as well as PhD in Biomedical Science helped Dr Tomecka to set correct strategy for uFraction8. Dr Tomecka is recognised as a multi-award winning female founder in STEM and was ranked amongst the top 20 women to watch in Scotland in 2018 and Life SciencesScotland Rising Star 2019. She will help to mentor startups in science and engineering fields.

Maria Hahn

Founder and CEO of Nutrix

With 16 years of professional experience in industries ranging from consultancy to medical devices, she is a marketing leader with with extensive strategic and hands-on experience. She gained her MBA at IE Business School and participated in MIT Innovation and Technology Bootcamp. Before founding Nutrix, an award-winning medtech startup, she worked as Global Director Solutions Management at Straumann Group. Maria is passionate about innovation and technology and bringing new solutions to the market. She enjoys working with multicultural and global teams.

Ioana Cozmuta

Ph.D. in Applied Physics at University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Dr. Ioana Cozmuta is the Managing Partner of Gravity Free Consulting and CEO of G-Space Inc, two small, women-owned businesses. These two portfolio companies are a reflection of Dr. Cozmuta’s driving passions: (1) to discover new revenue opportunities and help accelerate the time to market building on New Space (2) to discover new materials by liberating the potential design space from the limiting effects of the gravitational force.
Dr. Cozmuta’s work at the confluence of Space and Earth is based on a nineteen years career in academia, at NASA and in the start-up world uniquely combining expertise in physics, computational chemistry and materials research; data science and space technology with business and entrepreneurship. From her early work in nanotechnology research to engineering projects for missions such as Hypersonics, Stardust, Mars Science Laboratory, Orion and the International Space Station commercialization, dr Cozmuta has built a legacy on transforming the status quo, opening new avenues for innovation and devoting her energy, enthusiasm and collaborative spirit to advance the new space entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Doina Popa

Founder and CEO of InnoTrue

Doina is the founder of InnoTrue, the ONLY Salesforce partner worldwide founded by a woman Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA). She is a Master Coach for the Certified Technical Architect candidates, as she strongly believes that more architects, with strong knowledge and the right mindset focused on customer success, will contribute to the overall growth and the development of the eco-system and to the success of Salesforce’s customers. Before starting up InnoTrue, Doina’s career trajectory exemplifies both her talent and her leadership abilities, spanning three high-profile roles for global, game-changing organisations – CIO Salesforce at Barclays, CTO Salesforce at Capgemini and Senior Strategic Advisor at Salesforce.com. Her work has been consistently recognised by her peers for her ability to innovate and to deliver customer excellence. Doina has contributed to numerous publications and forums, speaking honestly about both the challenges and highlights of her career. This commitment to open communication comes from her personal belief that sharing her own experiences uncensored can be a platform of inspiration to people from diverse backgrounds to start and to pursue a career in technology.

Oana Bouraoui

Co-Founder & Executive Director at Startup Europe Lens

Oana is the Partnerships Manager for My EU Consulting, a EU Funds Consultancy company in Brussels and Co-founder of the Europe Lens startup, an NGO focused on ensuring a more efficient dialogue and collaboration between the startups in Europe and policy makers.

Ana-Maria Stancu

Founder of RoboHub.ai

Ana Maria is the CEO of BucharestRobots– the first humanoid and service robots start-up in Romania and founder of RoboHub.ai – a physical place were she teaches robotics and programming classes for children from all backgrounds, teachers and anyone who wants to learn about robotics. She is also a member of the Board of euRobotics – the European network for civil robotics.

Magda Baciu

Founder of House Of Progress

Magda Baciu is the founder of House Of Progress, a growth agency where the team helps online businesses grow through informed marketing strategies, by leveraging advanced data engineering, data analytics and creativity tactics. She considers herself an engineering & marketing hybrid as she is a big believer in cross-domain expertise. Magda is also the founder of Growth Savvy, an education platform where marketing specialists learn how to leverage data tactics to 2X their online marketing results.

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